Disc Golf Park

Disc Golf

The Volunteer Fireman's Beneficial Association of West Reading has generously donated funding for the creation of a nine-hole disc golf course within the West Reading Borough Park area.

Modern day Disc Golf started in the late 60’s. The early Frisbee golf courses were “object courses”, using anything from trees, trash cans, light poles, chicken wire baskets, pipes to fire hydrants as targets.

Disc Golf is similar to regular golf; however, instead of using golf clubs and balls aiming for a hole, Disc Golf players use golf discs and aim for a disc golf basket. A pole extends up from the ground with chains and a basket. The object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws, starting from a tee area and finishing at the disc golf basket. Players start at “hole” one and complete the course in order, playing through to the last hole. The player with the lowest total cumulative score wins.

Disc Golf differs from regular Golf in important ways. Disc Golf courses can use a wide variety of terrain. Often times, land not suitable for other park activities or development is perfect terrain for a Disc Golf Course.

Disc Golf is easy to learn, a healthy activity and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. If you can throw a Frisbee and you like to have fun, you can play Disc Golf! The positive experience with Disc Golf and the growing demand for courses have led to the expansion of the sport all over the country, from small towns to urban areas.

Disc golf