Mural Walk

"Public art is important to a community. We like our public art to be serendipitously discovered as residents and visitors wander around West Reading. Public art adds vitality and liveliness to our community, and best of all, public art is freely accessible." - Dean Rohrbach

Dean's Mural Dedication

Dean Rohrbach helped create a "Mural Corridor" on Kline Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. This cluster of artworks in a one-block space brought together neighborhood residents with local artists. Cherry Street became a second location and grew into an extensive collection of over 30 artworks in three blocks. This notable public art collection is now named Dean's Way in memory of the man who had the vision and tenacity to create it.

Public art encourages creativity and we have worked to involve the public in these projects. They are engaged in the design process and sometimes even help to create the final piece. The visual art encourages a dialogue between local artists and the residents and businesses in our community.

We hope you enjoy seeing our public art collection and learn more about it through a tour.

Mural Walk Navigation: Start at the corner of Cherry Street and South Fourth Avenue, head west on Cherry Street towards Fifth Avenue.