Shade Tree Commission

The Shade Tree Commission meets on the 1st Monday of the month at Borough Hall at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited and welcome to attend.

The various responsibilities of the Shade Tree Commission include:
  • Stimulate and organize tree planting and maintenance.
  • Develop and implement urban forest inventories, management plans and ordinances.
  • Lessen liability by arranging to remove hazardous trees.
  • Settle community disputes caused by tree removal, planting or maintenance.

In Pennsylvania, a tree commission created by municipal ordinance as a decision-making body has exclusive control over a community's shade trees. No tree can be planted or removed within the public right-of-way except under the auspices of the tree commission. This includes public trees that may be planted or removed in conjunction with subdivisions or approved development plans. The tree commission also has control over all public trees such as trees within community parks.

Tree commissions can have a great impact on a community's appearance and image as well as its public safety and comfort. Commissions help champion and coordinate a comprehensive and expert program to manage and sustain public trees. They provide long-term, stable management for a valuable, long-lived resource. A tree commission can help improve the attractiveness of the community and the quality of life and environment.

Commission Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ronald Schweitzer


December 31, 2023

Lynne Burns


December 31, 2021

Council Member

December 31, 2022

Yahaira Castillo


December 31, 2023


December 31, 2023

Public Works Director

Borough Manager