What should I do when I have a sewer back-up?

At any time, day or night when a sewer backup occurs at your home or business your first call should be to the Borough. As part of your sewer maintenance fee, the Public Works Department will plunge the sewer trap located near your home/business in an effort to remove the clog, which possibly will negate the need to hire a plumber. During normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, contact Borough Hall at (610) 374-8273, ext. 221. Outside of normal business hours contact the non-emergency Police line at (610) 373-0111 to dispatch a member of the Public Works Department to your location. 

The Borough maintains the sewer system from the curb to the main. The trap into the house is the property owners responsibility. Sewer blockages from the house to the curb are the homeowner's responsibility. It is very important not to flush anything other than toilet paper. Small toys, articles of clothing, feminine items, etc. usually result in sewer blockages.