Civil Service Commission

A civil service commission is an unbiased, independent body that is established by Borough Code where a police force or paid fire apparatus operators are maintained. Overall, the civil service commission is responsible for recruitment and examination of qualified candidates.

The commission consists of three commissioners that are qualified electors of the borough and appointed by the council to serve terms of six years. A vacancy occurring in the commission for any reason must be filled by the council for the unexpired term within a period of 30 days after the vacancy occurs. The council may appoint up to three qualified electors of the borough to serve as alternate members of the commission to serve a term of six years. An alternate is entitled to participate in all proceedings and discussions of the commission to the same and full extent as provided by law for commission members, including specifically the right to cast a vote as a voting member during the proceedings, and will have all the powers and duties specified. An alternate member may not hold another office in the borough.

Commissioners may not hold an elective or appointed office under the Federal Government, this Commonwealth, or any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, except that one member of the commission may be a member of the council and one may be a member of the teaching profession.

Three members of the commission constitute a quorum. If, by reason of absence or disqualification of a member, a quorum is not reached, the chair may designate as many alternate members of the commission to sit on the commission as may be needed to provide a quorum. An alternate member of the commission will continue to serve on the commission in all proceedings involving the matter or case for which the alternate was initially designated until the commission has made a final determination of the matter or case. Designation of an alternate member may by made on a case-by-case basis in rotation according to declining seniority among the alternates. No action of the commission may be valid unless it has the concurrence of at least two members.

Civil Service Commission Members

Name TitleTerm Expires
James Livingood


December 31, 2025

Stephen DeLucas

Vice Chairman

December 31, 2029

Ronald Bechtel


December 31, 2027