Code Red

CodeRED Emergency Notification Program

The CodeRED™ Emergency Notification System is an extremely FAST communication service available for mass emergency notifications.  CodeRED... more ››


Employment Opportunity

Summer Recreation PositionsWe are currently accepting applications for the following full and part-time seasonal positions... more ››

Avenues Summer 2021

West Reading Avenues

The Summer Art Scene

Construction Sign

2021 Infrastructure Improvement Plans

Pine Street Curbing Repairs & Paving - Entire lengthFifth Avenue Paving - Pine Street to Spruce... more ››


What to Recycle

What to RecycleAccepted Items/Not AcceptedIt’s All You! Your recycling matters. This educational image... more ››


Solicitation Permit

The Borough of West Reading solicitation ordinance is aimed at keeping citizens safe while maintaining their privacy and more thoroughly... more ››


Basketball Courts and Playground Equipment Closed

Open Spaces and Trail Still Available

We have noticed that many children and teens are using our playground equipment and basketball courts and are not practicing social... more ››

Security Camera

Turn your Security Camera into a Crime Fighting Tool

Camera Registry

Often a crime will occur that may have been caught on camera. In an effort to make our investigations more efficient we are looking to... more ››


Smart911 - Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Smart911 is free, private, secure, and protects over 45 million people nationwide

Smart911 allows you to add vital information that is shared directly with 9-1-1 and first responders in... more ››

Borough Hall 2018

Case Study - West Reading, PA

Michael McDonough of "Eye on Main Street" has performed a case study of West Reading, PA and believes that West Reading is the most vibrant... more ››