Investing in Our Future

Benefits of Urban Trees

Healthy People ~ Healthy Trees

Urban and community trees are essential to the well-being of everyone in Pennsylvania.

Through the cooling effects of urban tree canopies, the management of storm water, and the health benefits of street trees and park trees, we are now turning our attention to the very real financial benefits of investing in trees and our communities. Investing in one directly results in the benefits of the other. Healthy vibrant communities benefit from and thrive with healthy and vibrant trees.

According to a recent US Forest Service publication, each dollar spent on planting and caring for community trees results in benefits of two to five times that initial investment. In other words, a $150 tree could result in upwards of $750 in tangible community-wide benefits including clean air, reduced energy costs, improved water quality, and increased property values.

Tree Pennsylvania continues to engage in meaningful research, educate and fund necessary projects related to how urban and community forests are essential resources and meaningful and wise investment of our financial resources.

Funding from the US Forest Service, as well as our continued partnership with Penn State Extension's Urban Forestry program, allow us to continue this important work.

The current Federal Administration has proposed a significant reduction in the budget for Urban and Community Forestry programs throughout the nation.

The anticipated reduction, by up to 50% would drastically and immediately impact Tree Pennsylvania's ability to provide vital services to Pennsylvania communities.