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The water, sewer, and refuse bills are mailed quarterly to all property owners in the Borough. The bills are mailed at the beginning of January, April, July and October. They are due by the end of the respected month. Please remember these dates and plan accordingly so that your payment can be made in a timely manner to avoid additional charges.

Please Note:
To avoid paying a late penalty fee, please make all payments by 5:00 PM on the last business day of the month. Borough Hall is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Payments may also be placed in the drop box located in the Borough Hall parking lot after hours. Also, credit card payments over the phone are accepted and at no additional charge. For your convenience, we accept the following credit cards:
- Visa
- MasterCard
- Discover

An online payment option is also available to remit payment of your utility bill. If you have an internet connection and an e-mail address, you may remit payment of your utility bill online.

To help you create a secure login, link a bill for display each time you login and walk you through the payment process please see the XBP First Time Users Manual. 

Sign up for "Online Bill Pay" by following these steps:

1. Go to
2. Select "New to Xpress Bill Pay"
3. Fill in the brief form
4. Pay your bill or set up automatic payments

Should you have any questions about paying your bill online and/or for support you may contact XPress Bill Pay directly at 1-800-766-2350.

**Please Note: This feature is currently not available for real estate tax payments, nor permit fees.

In the event your water is turned off for non-payment, in order for water service to be restored payment in full must be made via cash, credit card or certified check at Borough Hall prior to 3:30 PM to have the water restored on the same day. Please note, there are additional fees assessed to have the water restored. Should you request water to be restored after 3:30 PM there is a $200.00 fee.

Please be advised, post-dated checks will not be accepted. 

Water Saving Tips

Most leaks result from worn washers in household faucets and shower heads. Worn washers usually cause faucet leaks or "O" rings (for washer less faucets).

Toilets tend to be a common water waster, but its leaks tend to be less noticeable than faucet leaks. To test for a silent leak, drop a little food coloring into the tank. Do not flush, wait approximately 10 minutes. If the food coloring appears in the toilet bowl there is a silent leak. 

Some additional tips to keep in mind:

Check your exterior faucets for potential leaks. A hose left dribbling can waste thousands of gallons of water over the course of a summer season.
  • Operate dishwashers and washers only with full loads.
  • Shorten the length of your showers. 
  • Do not allow the water to run while brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Replace older appliances, such as dishwashers and washers with newer, more efficient models.
  • Should water be leaking from your water meter, please contact Borough Hall to inspect.




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