Turn your Security Camera into a Crime Fighting Tool

Camera Registry
Security Camera

Often a crime will occur that may have been caught on camera. In an effort to make our investigations more efficient we are looking to collaborate with you to assist us solve crimes. We are asking that residents and business owners register their cameras (whether that be a security camera, "doorbell" camera, etc.)

By participating in this voluntary program, you are helping the West Reading Police Department swiftly locate nearby cameras that may be able to aide with active investigations and most importantly help deter crimes from occurring within our community.

Your submissions are kept confidential and only local law enforcement agencies can access the information. When needed, the West Reading Police Department may contact you to request a copy of your video recordings that could be relevant to an investigation.

At no time will law enforcement have access to your live feed or secured video without authorization.

We are hoping this partnership helps us solve more crime and assists in making our community just a little safer. Thank you in advance to all who choose to participate!

Camera Registry for West Reading Borough residents and businesses.