Met-Ed to Begin Installation of Updated Meters

Smart Meter

Within the next few weeks Met-Ed will begin installing smart meters, which will continue through December 2018.

As you may recall, installation of smart meter technology was included in the PA Act 129 Legislation passed in 2008 and requires electric distribution companies to deploy smart meter technology for all their Pennsylvania customers.

This step toward a more modernized electric system will enable automated meter readings and enhance the ability to respond to outages faster and more efficiently. Plus, once the meters are fully operational, customers will have access to more detailed information to help them better understand their electricity use - which means they can make informed decisions on how to manage and control their electricity consumption.

Met-Ed's contractor, Wellington Energy, will be installing smart meters on the homes and businesses in our community. To support the installation of this new technology, Met-Ed will be sending customers information in the mail before meter installation occurs. Met-Ed's customer contact center can be reached at 1-800-545-7741 to answer questions about the program and installation schedule. Click here for information regarding the meter installation.

Please note: the installation of a smart meter does not mean that the meter location on the structure changes. In nearly all cases, the meter location will remain the same and it will be no more or less apparent than the existing meter is now.

Information on smart meter technology, security and privacy, safety and FAQ is available at