Community Garden

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Urban greening transforms vacant lots into healthy green community spaces and gardens.

Community gardens are plots of land, usually in urban areas, that are rented by individuals or groups that provides an opportunity for residents to grow their own vegetables, herbs, & flowers close to home as well as provides a space for neighborhood-level social opportunities. A few benefits of participating in a community garden are:
  • A place to befriend your neighbors - We live in an era in which, for many of us, our neighbors are strangers. Community gardens draw members who live nearby and provides an opportunity to meet, work beside and even form friendships with people who might live down the street, but who you might never have encountered otherwise.
  • A place to learn - Participating at, or even visiting a community garden provides the opportunity to learn from experienced gardeners.
  • A place for children (and adults) to explore nature - Spend 5 minutes at a community garden and you will find birds, plants and insects at all stages of life. Gardening has been shown to improve attitudes toward healthy food, an improved understanding of life science concepts and improved interpersonal skills. Community gardens are also valuable to wildlife.
  • A place to practice teamwork - Working effectively as a team on an ongoing basis, particularly in a context where participation is voluntary, can be an enormously challenging and rewarding experience. Personal growth and invaluable skills are gained along the way.
  • An opportunity to identify community assets - Successful community gardens are built and sustained through contributions of time, talent, and resources from the communities where they are located. This is done by building relationships with individuals, associations and businesses in the neighborhood.
  • A space to grow low-cost, fresh fruits & vegetables - A higher percentage of people reside in apartments without space to garden at home. A significant difference in the quality of life can be realized when there is access to a community garden. 

Artistic Garden

The 38-plot garden is located at 128 S 2nd Avenue, West Reading (between Yarnell Street and S 2nd Avenue).

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