PA One Call

PA One Call


It is state law that you must place dig notification prior to starting any work that involves digging. This is to ensure that you do not damage any underground utility lines. The call must be placed not more than 10 days prior to digging and there is a 3 business day waiting period for the utility lines to be marked.

Please call 1 (800) 242-1776 or 811 or visit 

If you do not place a PA 1 call you will be liable for all costs incurred if you damage any gas, water, electric, cable lines, etc. 

Street/Sidewalk Opening Permit Application is required prior to any sidewalk and/or street digging. The fee is $50.00 for each sidewalk cut, $100.00 for each basic street cut, the first 100' (or fraction thereof) for mains is $200.00, each additional 100' (or fraction thereof) is $50.00. 

Public sidewalks must be restored per Borough specifications and a Building Permit is required.