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Don't Be A Litterbug

Don't Be A Litterbug!

Here are some useful tips to encourage everyone to pick up their trash and not be a "Litterbug":

  • Set an example by not littering.
  • Keep your yard clean and free of things that can blow into the street and become litter.
  • If you go on a picnic or are eating somewhere outdoors, use reusable plates, utensils and food storage containers. Pack them in a picnic basket or large reusable bag.
  • It's important to carry a bottle of water with you so you don't get dehydrated. However, there's no reason to carry a plastic water bottle. There are wonderful thermal bottles available that will keep your beverage hot or cold. You can even leave one in your car because they won't heat up and change the chemical makeup of your drink.
  • Attach doggie bags to your pet's leash in a little pouch (with Velcro) so you always have a bag when you need it. Dispose of your pet's waste properly.
  • If you see someone drop trash on the ground, remind them that they dropped something.
  • Carry a trash bag in your car. If you're in an area where a litterbug has struck, pick up at least some of the trash and dispose of it. It's good exercise! 

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