Temporary No Parking Signs

Temporary No Parking Zones are established to restrict regular parking and reserve curb space for purposes such as construction activity, moving vans, or to clear a street for a special event such as a parade. The restricted area is not intended to be use for parking of personal vehicles.

- Signs must be purchased at least two days in advance
- Signs must be posted a minimum of 24-hours in advance
- Handicapped parking, no parking zones, and loading zones may not be reserved

Please note, storage pods or dumpsters placed on public streets require a

Temporary No Parking Sign Fees:

$1.00 each

Valid 1-3 days

$3.00 each

Valid 4-7 days

$5.00 each

Valid 8-14 days


Temporary No Parking Sign Application and Posting Guideline

Should a vehicle be parked within the reserved space, please call us at 610-373-0111 and we will assist in having the vehicle moved or ticket that vehicle.




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