Property Maintenance Complaints

Reporting Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Department generates cases through both proactive and reactive means. Both code violations that have been brought to the attention of the department by citizens and those that have been generated by staff are addressed in a similar manner.

When residents and/or property owners do not voluntarily abate code violations that have been brought to their attention through verbal warnings or written letters, there are numerous avenues available to assist in gaining compliance. These include, but are not limited to, issuance of a written notice of violation/warning documenting the violations; issuance of administrative citations; and criminal citations to court; and property liens.

How Do I Report a Code Violation?

To report a code violation, please submit a written complaint form  which can be obtained either by contacting the Code Enforcement Department to have a form faxed, mailed or emailed to your attention or visit Borough Hall located at 500 Chestnut Street. Complainant information may remain confidential.  Confidential complaints are treated in the same manner as other complaints however, in certain circumstances may limit advance compliance efforts when court action is necessary.

A written form is required in order to file a property maintenance complaint.

Why a written form?

It is not accurate or efficient for Borough personnel to properly convey your specific concerns to the property maintenance official regarding another person’s property. Things reported over the phone can be misinterpreted or misconstrued and or items could unintentionally be left out from the complaint. It is important that the complainant convey your specific concerns in your own words on the Property Maintenance Complaint Form. The form creates a record that the complaint was officially filed and establishes the potential investigations initial information.

Why is my contact information required?

Contact information is required should the Code Official need additional information, need to follow up with the complainant, and to check for status updates in certain circumstances where violations are not visible from public areas etc.

A form is considered incomplete if it does not contain all of the information required above. The property maintenance program should not be abused by residents otherwise involved in property disputes with neighbors as a way of retaliation. All complaints shall be legitimate code related complaints. Falsification of information or incomplete complaint forms may be rejected.

All complaint forms remain anonymous to the general public. It is possible in certain situations your testimony may be required in court; however, that circumstance is rare and only requested when absolutely necessary.




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