Snow Emergency Routes

Streets that are considered vital to maintain emergency traffic to and from the borough are designated as "Snow Emergency Routes".

Residents who live along these streets should be aware of this and, during snowstorms, stay tuned to local radio stations for instructions. During a "snow emergency" all vehicles parked along the snow emergency routes must be moved until the "snow emergency" is lifted. Any vehicles left parked on a snow emergency route will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

Residents are reminded to listen to local radio stations (WEEU, Y-102, WRAW, WIOV), or tune into the local TV station (Channel 69), or check this website.

The following is a list of Snow Emergency Routes in the Borough of West Reading:

Buttonwood Street / Entire Length
Fifth Avenue / Delaney Circle to Museum Road
Museum Road / Entire Length
N. Fourth Avenue / Entire Length
Parkside Drive N / Entire Length
Parkview Road / Entire Length
Penn Avenue / Entire Length
Pine Street / S 3rd Avenue to S 5th Avenue
Reading Avenue / Delaney Circle to 8th
Reading Avenue / Traffic Circle to N 4th Avenue
Seventh Avenue / Penn Avenue to Parkside Drive North
Third Avenue / Penn Avenue to Sunset Road




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